#TheHelpingClass Fundraising Campaign

The pandemic has affected people’s health, lifestyle, businesses and even our psyches. We worry that this will leave behind a severe economic crisis, affecting everyone in ways and degrees that are impossible to predict. The pandemic is also creating a significant effect on our mental health which influences how we think, what we feel–and little by little, these are changing who we are and how we connect to people, the world, and what we value the most.

We came up with this campaign to raise awareness on COVID-19 and its effects on millions of people in the world.

#TheHelpingClass project is a yearly community outreach started by the brand, The Higher Class. Now, with this campaign and with the help of The No Good Crew, we aim to help the local poor communities which are mostly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Funds raised will be used to provide essential commodities such us toiletries, food, clothing, and items which are not usually donated however are most needed.

Visit our TNGC Lazada store to purchase “Collaboration with Nature” from 950php now you can only get it for 750php. Proceeds will go to #TheHelpingClass project.

This crisis calls for global solidarity and hope. Let us support each other during this difficult times.


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